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Hello everyone,

We wanted to get some updated Bear Safety tips out to all residents in the Debary Plantation community. We would like all residents to be careful with Halloween on Monday and the most recent bear sightings just this past Friday Evening 10/28/16.

Security has an alert program in place which includes active warning for residents while a bear event is in progress.

As most sightings are at night, if residents see a bear or are advised by anyone that a bear has just been seen please immediately call the Security Officer on duty from 7pm to 7 am.

For resident safety we will immediately come into the area to monitor the activity and alert other residents in the immediate area that the condition is in progress to allow residents advance notice and remain in the area until the hazard condition has passed.

386-717-9316 Security Officer on Duty

Please see the following safety tips provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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